Palestinian Food

The International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) are jointly carrying out a project to help Palestinian agriculture generate better income, trade and welfare. The project, Reform and Development of Markets, Value Chains and Producers’ Organizations, follows an integrated value chain development approach towards more market-oriented, competitive and profitable agribusiness in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
The project aims to help agribusiness contribute more sustainably to economic growth and the welfare of the Palestinian people (impact) by improving the income and productivity of participating enterprises (outcome). It will contribute to this outcome by delivering four results:
1. Improved production and productivity (pre-production and production);
2. Improved quality and value addition (post-harvest and transformation);
3. Improved competitiveness and market access (distribution and marketing);
4. Improved service delivery and institutional capacities (enabling environment).
ITC is directly involved in implementing three activities designed to achieve Outputs 3 and 4. These comprise research to identify product/market combinations and then validation of the findings/combinations with stakeholders. The ultimate objective is to identify three markets for six commodities – fresh herbs, fresh strawberries, dates, olive oil, freekeh and za’atar. This analysis will be used as a roadmap to implement the project in 2019–2021.
This approach aims to help beneficiaries better understand and conform to international standards. They will also learn how to identify and benefit from other business opportunities, notably in the selected international markets.

Denmark, the Netherlands, the European Union, Switzerland and Spain are funding the project


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